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In Caiseal Mor’s Visual Novel- “Veil of the Gods” a Ziggetai is a special kind of traveller- someone who has an involuntary talent for journeying beyond the bounds of physical reality. The loose community of diverse Ziggetai are not constrained by the linear nature of time or the apparent limitations of space.


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The Map

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Non Fungible Tokens

In the lead-up to the release of the Graphic Novel Series and other products (as outlined in The Map), we're offering glimpses into the world of Veil Of The Gods as artworks, featuring the various characters, scenes and glyphs from the story. These can be collected on either Foundation or OpenSea marketplaces (below).


Each NFT artwork is a micro-story, or a work of flash-fiction, that is also one part of a bigger story (the full Graphic Novel). Each micro-story can be found in the description of the NFT.


By collecting Ziggetai's NFTs, you are not only contributing to the success of this project, but also investing early in a worthwhile venture with an exciting and fruitful future ahead.


Holders of any of Ziggetai's NFTs, are marked as a members of Operation Ziggetai and will be granted early access to special upcoming offers.

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Virtual gallery

Namkia Nam purple 1aa paint
Metamahjee-1 paint
Ferneetri Vas
Kirriwani 1a
Vineetri Dasi New paint
Semwanti Vesh 1NFT paint
Momo paint.jpg


This project will continue to evolve as the new technology of Web 3.0 becomes available. We invite you to join us on our social media platforms (@ziggetai) and subscribe to the Ziggetai newsletter to be the first to hear about new developments and upcoming drops with this exciting project.

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