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Genesis collection

These works represent the final series of paintings produced by Caiseal Mór. Working under the artistic pseudonym, Ziggetai, he produced hundreds of these in the final weeks of his life.

Most depict spirit beings, drawn from his vivid and incredibly creative dream life. Some represent places in the Otherworld, the Place of Dreams. The protective spirits represented in these paintings may appear frightening or fierce but, like all things in this Reality, appearances may be deceptive. The role of such spirits is guidance, protection and companionship.

They have been given a generic name, so you can discover the name of your new piece, for yourself ;-)


Most of the prints come in 2 sizes, small and large.

Prices include worldwide shipping.

The next round of artworks will be released next month. Prices will increase by 10% with each round. However, the collector will only ever pay the price they originally paid. For example, if you buy a piece from Round 1 (Genesis Collector), and you want to buy a piece from Round 2, next month, you will receive a 10% discount code.

If a Genesis collector buys a piece from Round 3, they receive a 20% discount.

The store is closed for maintenance
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